Initiative of AGDC In Partnership with Lagos State Government


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The Ignite Enterprise and Employability Project is an initiative of the Afterschool Graduate Development Centre (AGDC) in collaboration with Gov. Babatunde Fashola-led administration in Lagos State – to proffer a lasting solution to youth unemployment by creating an enabling environment which ignites an enterprise culture and optimal professional performance amongst youth in Lagos state.

Recognizing our youth as the greatest asset of the Nigerian nation, the Governor initiated this project as an avenue to socialize with and provide the resources, structures and level-playing grounds that the youths domiciled in the State need to express themselves through entrepreneurial, career or vocational pursuits. The program will incorporate the formal and informal means of instruction while achieving its aims of sparking the fire of sustainable enterprise and excellent job performance in the Nigerian youths.


olufukejiThe employability training I received at AGDC Ignite Stream 4 changed my life and kick-started my career. Two years after NYSC, I finally got the kind of job I always wanted, just one month after I finished the AGDC program.

AGDC helped me identify what a prospective employer wants in an applicant and helped me draft a plan to begin developing those strengths. AGDC helped me discover my 'selling point', those unique areas of strength and value that I could add to any organisation I choose to work in. AGDC also taught me how I could communicate those strengths quickly and confidently, both in writing -in my resume and orally - during the interview process.

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